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Sunbelt Visual PL/B .Net Framework

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Visual PL/B .Net Framework

The PL/B language has proven itself to be unrivalled in screen, file, and character string manipulation. After being developed by Datapoint Corporation in 1972, it became the first language to support Local Area Networks (LAN) and multiple resource sharing when Datapoint pioneered the networking field with their introduction of ARCNET. The language has been used by well over 100,000 companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500 and most all U.S. governmental agencies. PL/B has further evolved through the work of the ANSI PL/B standards committee, of which SUNBELT was an active participant.

The Visual PL/B .Net Framework includes all the proven features of Visual PL/B, plus the Microsoft .Net object data type, giving you access to virtually all the .Net objects. The Visual PL/B .Net Framework is the end user framework that is distributed to customers that do not need to compile programs. Click here to see some of the capabilities of Visual PL/B .Net

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