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Pricing for Visual PL/B .Net

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Visual PL/B .Net Developer Price List

1-2 years
Limited Personal 200.00 50.00 66.67 133.33
Professional 1 User 500.00 125.00 166.67 333.33
Professional up to 2 900.00 225.00 300.00 600.00
Professional up to 51,500.00 375.00 500.001,000.00
Professional up to 101,800.00 450.00 600.001,200.00
Professional up to 152,100.00 525.00 700.001,400.00
Professional up to 202,400.00 600.00 800.001,600.00
Professional up to 252,600.00 650.00 866.671,733.33
Professional up to 302,800.00 700.00 933.331,866.67
Professional up to 353,000.00 750.001,000.002,000.00
Professional up to 403,200.00 800.001,066.672,133.33
Professional up to 453,400.00 850.001,133.332,266,67
Professional up to 503,600.00 900.001,200.002,400.00
Professional up to 603,900.00 975.001,300.002,600.00
Professional up to 704,200.001,050.001,400.002,800.00
Professional up to 804,500.001,125.001,500.002,900.00
Professional up to 904,800.001,200.001,600.003,200.00
Professional up to 1005,100.001,275.001,700.003,400.00
Professional up to 1105,300.001,325.001,766.673,533.33
Professional up to 1205,500.001,375.001,833.333,666.67
Professional up to 1305,700.001,425.001,900.003,800.00
Professional up to 1405,900.001,475.001,966.673,933.33
Professional up to 1506,100.001,525.002,033.334,066.67
Professional up to 1606,300.001,575.002,100.004,200.00
Professional up to 1706,500.001,625.002,166.674,333.33
Professional up to 1806,700.001,675.002,233.334,466.67
Professional up to 1906,900.001,725.002,300.004,600.00
Professional up to 2007,100.001,775.002,366.674,733.33
Library for special linking of .NET objects1,000.00 300.00 400.00 800.00
Please call or e-mail for pricing for more than 200 connections

  • This framework is for development only. It cannot be distributed with the exception of the Limited Personal version. For distribution please see Visual PL/B .Net Distribution License.
  • The Limited Personal version is a single user version that does not have ISAM or AAM file support built in. To get ISAM or AAM support you must purchase either the Professional version or the Data Manager.
  • All new orders include approximately one year of support for no additional charge (technical help as well as automatic updates and patches to the latest versions of the software and manuals). The support prices are the current cost for the second and successive years.
  • Upgrading from one level to another can be done by paying the difference in price between the two levels.
  • Upgrading will include approximately one year of support for no additional charge, if the new user count is at least double the current user count.
  • Lapsed support prices good for two years beyond the maintenance date.
  • A Convenience fee is applied to all PayPal payments above $2,000.00 USD.
  • A Wire transfer fee is applied to all wire payments.
  • All prices are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices effective 01 August 2016.

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