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At deeDesigns, we understand what an asset a high-level, technically-savvy staff can be for companies of all industries. Technology has changed the way we live, and it has most certainly changed the way we do business. If you are the I.T. staff, skating by as a lone wolf without a backup team of specialists, or you have an overloaded staff, either situation hampers your ability to boost productivity, enrich your user experience, or move your company into the next generation of success. That's where we come in, and we won't break your wallet doing it.

With over a century of combined expertise and working knowledge of the vast world of programming, most especially with the various PL/B products, and technology development, we're ready to step in and fulfill your I.T. needs. We're able to provide you with software conversion, application development, web presence, SEO, and ongoing application and general I.T. support and maintenance. Our skilled, carefully-selected programming team possesses a level of knowledge that will provide superior services at every turn.

Allow us to fill the gap as your outsourced I.T. department, at whatever level you require. We will perform every task or any part for however short or long you require assistance, as an extension of your staff, and you'll always wonder how you ever got by without us!

Why deeDesigns?

Going with any old tech company just isn't good enough anymore. I.T. is a complex, ever-evolving field, and it takes the best of the best to keep up. Not only is deeDesigns more than prepared to shoulder the weight of all your technical and software needs, our close-knit roster of highly-skilled individuals are able to provide your business with the most personalized, quality service available in the PL/B community. And again, we are a "staff"! If one person is unavailable for any reason, there is always another to assist.

deeDesigns proudly staffs some of the most knowledgeable persons in the PL/B Community, having performed PL/B (Databus) support for both Sunbelt Computer Software and Datapoint Corp. as well as developing classes and teaching the language for both companies. We are honored to have a close relationship with Sunbelt Computer Software for many years. This relationship helps us to help you.

deeDesigns is committed to developing an in-depth understanding of you and your business so that we can make a real difference in the way you do business. Relationships matter to us.

Who Are We?

  1. Dee Mahan, President: PL/B programmer, instructor and support superstar since 1973
  2. Doug Hunter, Client Manager/Senior Programmer: I.T. guru, large project specialist
  3. Sam Hutsell, Client Manager/Senior Programmer: B2B retail management and logistics expert; 30 years involvement in the Databus and PL/B communities
  4. Brian Jackson, Client Manager/Senior Web Architect: Web, mobile, and distributed app development specialist
  5. Mike Keech, Programmer: Over 30 years experience in the Databus and PL/B communities
  6. Tim Keech, Programmer: Programming and infrastructure specialist
  7. Dr. Bill Leidy, Client Manager/Senior Programmer: PLB .Net specialist
  8. Tim Morrow, Programmer: PL/B developer and support specialist with over 30 years involvement with the Databus and PL/B communities

Contact Information

For more information please contact Dee Mahan at dee@deeDesigns.net or by calling either 210.279.3893 or 830.980.3830

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