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We all know the dilemma: good PL/B programmers are hard to find, even though you know PL/B is the right tool for the job. You've invested decades in your code base, and you have no intention of learning a new language or re-writing your apps. But you also know that if you aren't building web-first, responsive, mobile software, you risk losing customers to some pretty-looking hosted web app, or worse, having your software replaced by some canned package.

Adjacency specializes in developing and maintaining apps for the PL/B community, with a special emphasis on progressive, responsive mobile and web development. For over twenty-five years, our founder has been providing support, training, and programming services to clients across the globe. Our goal is to grow and nurture the PL/B ecosystem however we can. Friends don't let friends' programs become obsolete!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'd love to hear from you! Let's discuss projects, swap stories, reminisce about conferences gone by, or just talk about fun stuff we're coding.

Brian Jackson
CEO PL/B Guru Problem Solver


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