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Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing data corruption with Windows 95. My files are located on a Windows NT server. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Microsoft published a patch for what they admit is a problem with client side caching under Windows 95. The title of the article containing the patch information is: "Possible Network File Damage with Redirector Caching" and "Possible Database File Damage When Data Is Appended". This is located on the Microsoft web site. They contain links to the actual patch. We strongly recommend that if you are using Windows 95 you get the patch and apply it.

I am converting my programs from SUNDB86A to Visual PL/B and PL/B Console. Searching for files seems to be handled differently. How do I define the search paths?

SUNDB86A used SUNSCRN.DEF to determine which drives to search. The utility SETDRIVE was used to set the drives to search. Visual PL/B has a search path defined in PLBWIN.INI under the WINDOWS directory. The keyword is PLB_PATH=. PL/B:386 uses the keyword PLB_PATH found in the UET. The batch file 386START.BAT sets the keywords necessary for PL/B:386 to operate.

I loaded SUNDBSYS on my new computer. When I try to run a program it says SUNDBSYS is not loaded. I then try to load SUNDBSYS and it says SUNDBYS is already loaded. What is going on?

Some new computers are using interrupt 121 for virus checking. This conflicts with SUNDBSYS. To correct this, run TESTCRT and change the SUNDBSYS interrupt number form 121 to 123, then test. If that does not work try 124 or 125 until you find an interrupt that does work.

I am currently running on Novell 3.11 and occasionally a file used by PL/B programs will grow to larger than one gigabyte. I do not even have one gigabyte of storage on my server. What is wrong with my program?

The program is alright. Novell distributes patches that must be applied by PATCHMAN. One such patch FIXFAT.NLM should correct your problem.

I save my screen with the *SAVESW, but when I restore it with *RESTSW, the size is wrong.

When a *SAVESW is performed, the previous window settings and current window settings are saved (along with the data for the screen). When you restore the screen with *RESTSCR, the data and saved screen settings are used. When you restore the screen with *RESTSW, the data and saved previous window settings are used.

After returning from a ROLLOUT in PL/B for UNIX, I have tasks that are left active.

Change the ROLLOUT return line in your script file from "plb -r" to "exec plb -r". This causes the ROLLOUT script task to terminate before the return is executed.

I just created a form to use in my answer/master program but when it chains to the seperate programs, the answer/master program just disappears and nothing appears to happen. When I look at the task manager plbwin is running but there is nothing on the the screen.

This is most often caused by by your answer/master program using the WINHIDE verb to hide the main window and the program you are chaining to runs in the now hidden main window. You can either put a WINSHOW verb in your answer/master program before the chain or as the first line of the program you are chaining to.

After installing plbwin 8.5 ( or greater ), when starting my programs I get the following Windows Error message: "The PLBWIN.EXE file is linked to missing export OLE32.DLL:ColnitializeEx."

PLBwin 8.5+ uses the Microsoft COM component model architecture and your system does not have the current version of DCOM installed (i.e. it is most probably an early version of Windows 95 or Windows 98). Please proceed to the Microsoft web site to download the current version 1.3 of DCOM for your version of Windows (95 or 98).
Please note that this download is only required for early versions of Windows 95 or 98, as all more recent version of Windows already include the latest DCOM module from Microsoft.

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