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Visual PL/B and Visual PL/B .Net

The PL/B language has proven itself to be unrivalled in screen, file, and character string manipulation. After being developed by Datapoint Corporation in 1972, it became the first language to support Local Area Networks (LAN) and multiple resource sharing when Datapoint pioneered the networking field with their introduction of ARCNET. The language has been used by well over 100,000 companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500 and most all U.S. governmental agencies. PL/B has further evolved through the work of the ANSI PL/B standards committee, of which SUNBELT was an active participant.

SUNBELT, by including its DESIGNER Product along with PL/B for Windows, has made the Windows interface extremely easy to program. A screen can be designed in minutes rather than hours in other languages. The IDE makes it easy to work on projects and always makes sure that all programs depending on a given module are up to date. And Sunbelt PL/B includes AAM and ISAM file support which other languages do not. The graphical objects are all dynamic and can be positioned at different screen locations based on variables set at program execution time. Many items can also be moved real-time if the 'drag item' feature is enabled. All of the power and flexibility of the PL/B language are combined in a true Windows graphical environment.

This package is the combined Visual PL/B and Visual PL/B.Net packages. You receive the traditional Windows PLBWIN framework, the Console PLBCON framework and a complete .Net framework system utilizing Microsoft's Common Language Runtime for increased security. This framework also gives you complete access to the .Net objects and various assemblies. The total user count is divided between all runtimes. So you could have a 50 user system with 40 users using PLBWIN and 10 using PLBNET to make up the total of 50 users. The mix of runtimes is totally dynamic, as long as the total user count stays below the licensed maximum.

For detailed information on each runtime click PLBWIN or PLBNET.

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