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Pricing for PL/B Web Server

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PL/B Web Server Price List

1-2 years
Up to 2 200.00 112.50 150.00 200.00
Up to 5 300.00 168.75 225.00 300.00
Up to 10 600.00 337.50 450.00 600.00
Up to 251,200.00 675.00 900.001,200.00
Up to 501,800.001,012.501,350.001,800.00
Up to 2003,000.001,687.502,250.003,000.00
Up to 20005,000.002,812.503,750.005,000.00

  • Either Visual PL/B or PL/B:Unix is required to compile programs to be used with PL/B:Server.
  • Each copy of Visual PL/B:Server may be installed on only one server. If you have multiple servers, you must license multiple copies of the software.
  • Due to connection limitations, 2000 connections is the maximum that can be handled by a single Web Server.
  • All new orders include approximately one year of support for no additional charge (technical help as well as automatic updates and patches to the latest versions of the software and manuals). The support prices are the current cost for the second and successive years.
  • Upgrading from one connection count to another can be done by paying the difference in price between the two levels.
  • Upgrading will include approximately one year of support for no additional charge, if the new connection count is at least double the current connection count.
  • Lapsed support prices good for two years beyond the maintenance date.
  • A Convenience fee is applied to all PayPal payments above $2,000.00 USD.
  • A Wire transfer fee is applied to all wire payments.
  • All prices are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices effective 01 January 2017.

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